newsGK Event Report : Winter Recital 2019


Thanks again for all who came to our Winter Recital 2019 which took place on 14th Dec.

These seasonal recitals are a great way to output their English that they have learned through the lessons.We know it is not easy to output, although we had 6 presenters, 2 book readers and cute 12 singers.

During the rehearsal, we took themselves on video and let them check their attitude, tone and air  so that they can fix those by themselves.

Three, out of six students on stage were experienced presenters.All did outstanding jobs on the stage showing their love of hobbies and pets. They were so cute,too!  The other three took a big step forward to be in front of the audience and made their presentations in English!! They practiced along with gestures to help them to remember the next phrases, but at the actual stage they didn’t need such help. They all could speak in a loud and clear voice and introduced their love to the toy , great experiences of well planned birthday party and two-days bike trip of 200Km. Wow, even a grown up wouldn’t be able to accomplish that task!\

As a new attempt, we invited two students to recite their favorite books. One was from an old English poem, and the other was a Blue back Book from Dr.Seuss series. Words appear into the book won’t be special for the native speakers, but for our students, some are too advanced to them. If it were their original stories, we could change those words into simple ones.But this time we cannot. Again, gestures helped them to understand the meaning of those words.

The hats that they were wearing during the recital, they made by themselves, of course! According to their motive skill, we change the amount of the instruction to make them. The experienced students will know what they need to do by little explanation.Their creativity often exceeds our expectation. We really looking forward to their outputs, not only the spoken outputs but also the art works.

Cannot wait until the next recital! 


We truly wish all of our GK Families a warm and peaceful winter holiday and a happy new year.